Our Missionaries


Amazing Grace Mission


Tom and Toni Anderson - Belgium

Bill and Kathy Brittain - Baptist Children's Home

Mick and Kay Baumgartner - Retired

Bob and Marie Ford - Bearing Precious Seed Ministry

Jeff and Perla Blust - Philippines

Charles and Susan Callahan - Japan

David and Diane Cato - Brazil


John and Tammy Cooley - Burkina Faso


Robert and Jennifer Dawson - Australia

Rodney and Cathy Fitzsimmons - Haiti

Ian and Heidi Fry - Zimbabwe

Mark and Anne Gostlin - West / Central Africa

Steve and Peggy Harris - Mexico

Derek and Valeria Hummel - Peru


Al and Michele Hunsiker - Guatemala


Joseph and Brittany James - Tanzania

Mary Johnston - Haiti / Dominican Republic

Scott and Donna Kuzel - South Africa

Kelly Love - Brazil

Ohio Baptist Bible Fellowship - Church Planting

Jim and Beverly Oberhelman - Northland Bible Ministries

Phillip and Deborah Sawilowsky - Olive Tree Ministry

Jim and Laura Pranger - Budapest Hungary

Mark and Lydia Priem - Odessa, Ukraine

Jayme Radak - Brazil

Pete and Joy Raymond - Mexico

Bill and Brenda Richards - Germany

Wendell and Virginia Rogers - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Adolfo and April Ruesga - Mexico


Sailas Steven - Papua New Guinea

Don and Laura Stertz - Baptist Couriers for Christ

Josh and Denise Steward - Ireland

Robert and Sara Stover - Peru

Danny and Lea Terrado - Philippines

Steve and Pam Thornton - Argentina


John and Becka Tinkle - Dominican Republic

Justin and Holly Williams - England

Steve and Kris Williams - Harvest Baptist Missions

Brian and Rebekah Wright - Wales